We know the preschool age is so important which is why we're creating an affordable, fun, practical preschool play program for you at home. Designed to help foster curiosity and develop wellbeing dispositions such as empathy, gratitude, self regulation and agency. Launching Aug 24: join the WaitlistĀ for launch pricing.


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Hi, we're Rod & Mel

We're great friends and business partners who have been inspired to create a genuinely cost-effective, practical, well-being-creating, exciting preschool at home solution for you and your child.

Rod Soper has more than 30 years in the fields of education and leadership design. Holding senior position including head of primary years, assistant principal and co-founder & director of early years learning in the preschool space. He is passionate about learning in all its forms.

Mel Browne is an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor and now financial educator. Through her online courses she has helped tens of thousands of women and families increase their financial literacy and their financial confidence.

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